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Ayahuasca and the Healing of the Soul

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

My dear brothers and sisters, from the energy of the Conscious Love i feel for you, not just from mentioning some words that work well in an article, that create rapport or sometimes even break rapport with souls who are not yet ready to understand and especially to Feel that we are indeed brothers and sisters, the children of the God of Love.

From the beauty of the place I am in right now, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, seeing the open sky and the beautiful rays of the Sun illuminating my diary on which I write these lines, listening to the symphony of birds, I was guided and chose to write for the first time an article about a subject who i

know wholeheartedly through personal experience can contribute to the Healing, Liberation and Transcendence of all humanity.

Therapy with Her Majesty Ayahuasca.

And I say Her Majesty not because I like pompous words but because she begins to work truly intensely only when you give her Full Faith and especially the due Respect and Reverence. I write these words in capital letters - Respect, Reverence because it hurts me how far we have moved away from them as humanity.

Over the years of introspection towards Healing and Evolution, with Humility and Gratitude I say that I had the Honor to be mentored by extraordinary masters in their fields of activity and in turn to be able to mentor further, so experience has taught me what it really means. Respect and Reverence, we have seen how people flourish in their presence and receive all that is best from the Universe and we have also seen how "pearls are thrown to the pigs" just as harsh but true our brother Jesus (Matthew 7: 6) says about people when they receive things without cherishing them ...Appreciation, Reverence, Respect, Honor, Full Gratitude ... I feel like crying in pain how far we have moved away from them ... First of all for ourselves and our souls ... how could we give to someone something that we no longer give to ourselves ... and then this Illusion of the Ego that prevents us from really seeing those around us ... we forgot to Appreciate, to Respect, to Honor the people who love us the most - our families, friends, colleagues, the country in which we were born or live, the planet and all of humanity, which essentially leads to the fact that we forgot to cherish, respect and honor our Creator, this form of Infinite Love, and through Him life itself...

Personally, I will never talk or write about things that I have not touched in the depths of my soul and for me the mechanics have become simple, when I have eyes in tears the intensity of a feeling it means it is real and "I understand", when it does not happen this means that I understand it only mentally, on a theoretical level and this means that it is not yet fully integrated.

Last night I experienced all these emotions at a level of intensity like never before ... after over 20 therapies with Ayahuasca and the second coming in the jungle in two years, in one night, in one therapy, I had dozens, maybe hundreds of breakthroughs and such expanded awareness ... which would have meant years of seminars, books, meditative techniques or therapies of all kinds, it all happened within a few hours ... and not only did I realize mentally, but I felt in my etheric and physical body how much harm I had done to myself and those around me in this life and not only, I cried, I laughed, I cleaned and got rid of what was impure and it hurt me so bad ... I cleaned up for myself and everyone around me as a part of me ... I felt more than ever responsible for everything I see and feel around me, but especially what I choose to do with it...

And only then was I able to kneel before Ayahuasca, her spirit and greatness, understanding the real depth of how she helps Healing and Transcendence, Remembrance ... and I became more aware than ever of the Speed ​​with which she compacts lessons that would normally take years to integrate ... and with tears in my eyes I was able to thank her with respect and reverence and see her as she really is ...

And as the Universe in the complexity of Its Laws always creates Synchronicities, not long after these realizations came to take me to an individual healing session El Maestro Don Jose Campos, a shaman of full purity from my point of view, the one who coordinates these therapies, and I was able to see him as he really is in the Beauty and Greatness of his Soul ... a "peasant of the Peruvian jungle" and I say this with the appreciation of his Purity, of the fact that he is not altered by impurities and the often sick programs of the world we live in, and not only physically but especially spiritually and mentally, I saw his unshakable integrity in the beauty of his simplicity and I felt perhaps more than ever his deep love ... it was just me with him in the middle of a circle of healing, in the silence of the night, and he prayed for my soul to heal, to expand, he blessed me and blessed those I love, my path, my mission and inspired the others around the healing circle, the other parts of us, to sing and pray for my soul ... with tears in my eyes I write these emotions hoping to touch your soul too ... to know how much we are Interconnected and the effect we have for each other we send our Love ... sometimes words are too limited to describe the intensity of feelings ... emotions are energy and communication through energy is unlimited ... and yet Intuition conveys ways in which we can we manifest our feelings in this world as well, we just have to learn to listen to her, to listen to that inner voice ... so in that moment of maximum intensity of Appreciation, Reverence, Respect, Gratitude for the Energy of Love and Healing received from Don Jose, from Ayahuasca, from the soul that has been bringing me and supporting me in these healing circles for years, from all the souls that were around me, from the Jungle and through it from Mother Earth, from all Entities of Light that sustain me and have always sustained me just like they do with you too, from Our Father, perhaps more than ever, any trace of the ego of what Razvan meanth in one form or another has disappeared, only the purity of these noble feelings and because I felt to manifest a way to make them pour back to the Sources where they came from, I knelt in front of Don Jose and kissed his feet with tears in my eyes ... what a sacred moment ... then the puzzle of Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude was completed, then I really understood not only theoretically but in the depths of the soul what these Virtues mean. I almost relieve the moments when Jesus

was washing the feet of his brothers and sisters with Humility and Love and i humbly say i understand how we all need to behave with each other to heal humanity and to be able to all live in a Heaven on Earth, in Peace, Love and Harmony ... I see and I believe in such a world but it takes us all to gain the inner strenght to See and Believe in it, to aligning ourselves with these noble Virtues ... and we are not absurd, maybe there is no physical need to kiss and wash each other's feet even though this exercise would be wonderful and noble, but we can do this Spiritually, Consciously, in the Presence of these feelings and especially in the Daily Actions ... my humble perception is that the world today does not necessarily need great deeds and unseen miracles to Align us to the Vibration of Love, we already had a model of Love until the supreme sacrifice from our brother Jesus and from others like him and in those times maybe we needed such an

example to shock and shake humanity to wake it up, but in times in which we all have access to information through technology, to Knowledge, in an era in which no one can say "I don't know" when everything is public and can be found much more easily than 2000 years ago, in these moments human evolution can be changed by the Individual Decision of each of us to Align ourselves with the Divine Love in all its forms and by the Simple Acts we do every day in the manifestation of this Love.

It is the first time I speak publicly about Ayahuasca because I knew it would create in addition to the openness of souls who "hear" the message also controversy and judgment from those who are not yet ready ... history has shown us that humanity is capable of the greatest cruelties and barbarities to keep their beliefs and power, but if about this sacred therapy with Ayahuasca came out to speak publicly Tony Robbins ( ), Wayne Dier ( ), Mike Tyson (, Sting ( ) and many other awakened souls in the role of "celebrities", perhaps the time has come for humanity to find out and open up to the possibility that the Universe has left us all the Natural remedies for physical and spiritual healing, beyond the conventional medical and spiritual methods of our times.

So this article is like a personal description of my experience without trying to assume any role of expertise and in a way it is also a Prayer for it to bring more Light, Clarity and Confidence to those who seek their way to Healing and Evolution to the highest potential.

And because we are talking about a personal experience, I will briefly share my path in the spiritual and healing world before Ayahuasca, not out of a need for Ego attention but to strengthen the confidence and level of understanding of this therapy.

First of all, since I was a teenager, I had the joyrney for a large part of my loved ones to die from various diseases, most of them severe forms of cancer, my father when I was 15 and within a few years all my grandparents, the mother of my best friend and dozens or maybe hundreds of cases around me over the years. One of the things I realized through this is that most people do not value their soul or physical body enough through everything toxic we put in them and more than that traditional medicine, with all due respect and appreciation for the ways in which it works, in extreme cases it often doesn't work anymore. And beyond that, even before I look for information about the phenomenon of diseases, being still a teenager we still notice that Each of my loved ones, Before and During the manifestation of these physical diseases had first of all a Soul Trauma.

Now with all due respect again for all the miracles that modern medicine have brought to our world, I still don't think anyone has found a Soul Treatment in a hospital and a pharmacy, even though there are already thousands of books, articles, documentaries that show us Concretely that the physical manifestations of a disease have in essence a spiritual cause.

The disappearance of my father also helped me understand from the age of 15 part of the Essence of Life - that we are all born and die in this physical plane and that we take with us obviously nothing from the physical world, no houses, no cars, no business, neither social positions, nor personal relationships ... but we come and go from here as Souls, not even the body accompanies us.

So pushed from Life from the back inevitably from an early age, I began consciously and unconsciously many times to turn my attention to the Soul and to live a life in which something good of my energy can remain in this world beyond my physical existence. And so began my journey. I started from an early age, inspired by the experiences around me, to have an Appreciation for my body and to take care of it, I watched dozens of documentaries, books, articles, seminars about what it means to have a healthy body and I applied this information. Then from the age of 19 I had a very anchored life in "reality" being an entrepreneur since the 1st year on the benches of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, I also had the chance as a young person to connect with the personal development area reading, listening, following the most popular information about everything that means psychology, leadership, communication and so on , I went live to hundreds of seminars, among the most important in the world with the best people in these fields of activity. Then at the age of 22-23 I rediscovered God and the connection with Him was re-established through Christianity and I began to 'immerse' myself in understanding and practicing as much as I could at that age the Christian doctrine, I began to read the Old Testament. , The New Testament, I started going to a Christian Church from time to time and lived next to it for a few months, then I started traveling to the Holy Places of Christianity, two years for Easter in Jerusalem and a tour of Israel, several times on Mount Athos, I have used the Daily Prayer for Healing,

Cleansing, Protection, and Support for many years, then began to travel extensively through my career, around 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and having dear friends in these countries that obviously came from different cultures and religions, some Christians, others Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus or even semi-tribal cultures with a 'religion' of theirs directly connected to God without any Holy Book or any spirited textbook. Thus, I was more attentive to the beauty of these souls, their way of manifesting their spirituality and their connection with the Source and this made me get a little out of dogma and realize that God is Everyone and Everything and that we are all His children and that no religion is superior to another and does not exclude another, but that All of them represent Messages, Philosophies and Rituals to take us all Home, to the God-like beings we are and the Purity of the Soul.

In these travels I met people who did not have a specific "Faith" but emanated more Love and Light from within than a good part of the dogmatic ones from any type of religion. After all, it is not the fact that you call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. that makes you a good person, but the thoughts, intentions and actions that you have every day ...

Besides, everything coincided with the feelings in my personal life because although I had a life that from the outside looked amazing - complete financial freedom, I traveled a lot, I had through my career a positive influence in the lives of thousands of people around the world, I was invited as a speaker in many countries and yet approaching the age of 30 and in spite of these wonderful things, I was not 100% good inside, I felt that my soul demanded urgent attention, that I was suffering and I did not understand why, that things were happening in my life that had no explanation in anything I had studied until then ... and so began my conscious journey to the Spirit.

I began to do the same thing again with spirituality, I began to read, listen, watch materials or go to seminars or Live camps with masters with whom I resonated, I learned to use Meditation as a form of Connection, Healing, Awareness, Evolution, I followed a Yoga program to see if it suits me, then I came in contact with the many forms of therapies from Reiki, Theta Healing, Dowsing, NLP, Hypnosis, Regressions in previous lives, I recently passed and through a process of staying 9 days in the dark and much more ... all of them wonderful and brought something extra to my Healing and Evolution. Thus I came to have all the Appreciation and Respect for every form of Healing and Connection with the Source and for all the masters of Light who practice them, regardless of the path they have chosen.

And after a few good years on this trip, more information had come to me about Ayahuasca.

Coming with the dogmatic Christian background in the back, I subconsciously resisted the idea because I was afraid that I would violate something of the Divine Laws if I introduced this plant in me, I was a little afraid of the phenomenon of shamanism and did not understand it, but as always when we allow ourselves to listen, it was that inner voice that told me to trust and listen to my Intuition, that there is something Pure in this process.

So, later I started reading articles, watching documentaries about this phenomenon, following the experiences of those who had done this therapy which were really impressive, some of these people being even world celebrities like Sting and many others. Thus I better understood what Ayahuasca is, in its translation of the native language the Vine of the Soul.

I found out that it is a decoction based on a mixture of several plants that the natives of almost the entire Amazon area have been using for thousands of years for their Healing and Connecting with themselves and thus with the Divinity. I found out that there are several recipes of Ayahuasca and that some of them contain Dymethyltryptamine or endogenous DMT, a chemical molecule created by God, present in many plants and in almost all life forms, being also produced by the human body through the Pineal Gland. .

In fact, we found out that we secrete this substance in large quantities at birth and death, as well as during sleep when the road to the spiritual world opens for us in a dream, but that in most people it is calcified, thus being completely dysfunctional. Harvard did a study in which they showed how children between 3-7 years old start to have a calcified gland due to fluoride from drinking water, toothpaste and other sources, pesticides from food, etc. (Https:// By better understanding our energy centers or the so-called Chakras and learning to ascend energy to the Pineal Gland or in spiritual terms the Third Eye, I already understood its importance and I had strong spiritual experiences by opening it, but generally with a lot of work and sustained effort. I found it fascinating to discover that there is a plant that does this instantly.

Such an understanding could make easier my fear coming from religious dogma ... after all there are so many teas in this world with therapeutic effect, so many plants ... chamomile, incense, sage etc ... why this plant would not be "ok", especially when there are so many people healed physically and spiritually with its help ... why a plant left by God in nature that can help us heal, connect with our souls, would be something "forbidden" ? ... why would this plant have been created otherwise? ... and the fear of shamanism easily went away understanding that tribes from all over the world had spiritual masters, I had personally participated and led meditations with large groups so I imagined that the role of shaman must be a similar one ... to create a safe space and to guide from the shadow the journey of those present to their souls, to healing and transcendence.

I also understood that all the soul traumas are stored through the pineal gland and I found it fascinating that there is a plant, a Natural remedy that helps both to identify these traumas and to heal them. In addition, life experience has caused two people close to me to have mental illness. One of them had been suffering from depression for many years and I noticed that all the medication and years of psychotherapy with top specialists improved her situation but she was not in a state of balance and harmony. And the second person close to my soul manifests a form of bipolar disorder with all kinds of reactions and so I could see in both cases, although not a specialist, that behind these diseases are some manifestations of emotional traumas that have gone out of control. One more reason to try the therapy, both for me and for the loved ones around me.

Thus, opened to the idea, I started to ask myself the question of Legality and Where to do the therapy. I started to find out about legality if it is considered or not a drug. We have all heard of Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other such banned substances. In fact, natural ones such as marijuana are slowly beginning to be banned due to its therapeutic effects, including in the most powerful state in the world, the USA. But what about Ayahuasca? Some recipes do not even contain DMT, so it could not have been illegal. And what about DMT in those recipes that contain it? Thus I found out that there are two forms of DMT, Endogenous or so-called natural which is allowed in many states and which as mentioned before is present in many plants and it was absurd for any government to ban a natural tea with a therapeutic role, and the second form of DMT is the synthetic one obtained chemically in many drugs and which is incriminated in most states. I later learned with enthusiasm that there are several countries where the consumption of Ayahuasca is officially allowed, including Peru, where it is also considered a national treasure, Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica and others ( / Legal_status_of_ayahuasca_by_country) and that in the European Union the consumption of endogenous DMT is allowed so there is no specific law against Ayahuasca but anyway it seemed absurd for someone to criminalize it because it is a therapy, not a substance to produce entertainment and euphoria. On the contrary, I had even heard testimonials from people who had gone through this therapy and altough its effect was wonderful in the end, it often came with vomiting, the plant expelling everything that is toxic in the body and soul. So everything seemed to be for the ultimate good of the individual but by no means did it seem like a fun process.

Thus, in my search I came to "Where" ... Through a friend in 2018 I found out that in Romania there is a Clinic called YOUness WELLness Clinic, where this therapy is done and that behind this clinic is a doctor who even initiated a medical research project at the Ministry of Health to study the effects of Ayahuasca on people with various pathologies and who was also doing a PhD at Carol Davila University for this.

My answer was simple: "Tell me when and where" because for me it was already the ideal scenario and a synchronicity of the Universe, so I went to the clinic the next weekend because such a therapy was organized and I was very happy to discover that the one who will guide this process is a shaman from Peru extremely well known with numerous materials and books written on the subject of Ayahuasca, even one of the most appreciated shamans in the world, Don Jose Campos.

When I arrived at the Youness Clinic, I felt that I had arrived in a place as if it was from Heaven, a property of a few hectares not far from Bucharest, but torn as if from the hustle and bustle of today, with a private forest, river, vegetarian if all the Peace and Joy of the world had gathered in this sacred place.

There I had the joy of meeting Dr. Vanessa Youness.

Dr. Vanessa Youness, was indeed a strong presence with a rare purity.

I found out about her medical background as a doctor as a graduate of the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca and came to Bucharest to specialize in Posttraumatic Reconstructive Surgery at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest.

Certainty that gave extra comfort to the therapy that happens in the Clinic. And besides, I was impressed by her story and implicitly the story of the clinic.found out that around the age of 23, Dr. Vanessa Youness, received a harsh diagnosis of "multiple sclerosis", a disease that still can not be treated medically but only slowed its evolution, I found out that the doctor had been diagnosed that she has a few months until she gets in a wheelchair, a diagnosis that she did not accept and as a doctor seeing that classical medicine in her case has no influence anymore, she looked for alternative solutions. And after several years of searching, she arrived to Ayahuasca, with which she was completely healed, with MRI confirming all the lesions on her brain completely healed / crystallized.

Following her healing, she received the message to build the Youness Clinic where people can find their spiritual and physical healing ... I still shed tears remembering my first interactions with her, I have met many good people over the years, people who spread the Light through their activities, but the Purity and Light in her, her Dedication to the difficult mission she has for those around her was at a level you rarely meet.

So, I could not get to a more suitable place for my first therapy with Ayahuasca, with Dr. Vanessa Youness in the room, with Master Don Jose Campos and in this Clinic created with the purity of such an intention and such a project.

My first therapy with Ayahuasca was shocking, over any spiritual experience until then as an intensity, in a way I died and rose ... I was fascinated by how quickly the mind was put on silent as I was working with it at that time tens of minutes of meditation to disconnect from it so that I can connect directly with the Soul, with pure Intuition ... One of the masteries of this therapy as I said is the speed with which you reach the Soul and how you live what you have to live as a re experience again from the banks of memory to be able to heal it permanently.

People call these experiences also ceremonies but during this article I will only call them therapies because that what they mean for me, therapies for the mind, body and soul ...

I will not share in this article everything I lived in my experiences with Ayahuasca, it's too much ... I would write whole books and maybe I will do it at some point, but what I can say is that from that first experience my life has changed completely.

I saw with complete clarity what was misaligned in my life - people, business, relationships of all kinds, I approached God with a depth that can not be described in words ... I began to see with different eyes everything that was not ok inside me and it manifests itself in my life. Years of books and seminars were compressed in such a session sometimes ... I saw clearly that as beautiful was the Light and Love that I transmitted to those around me, as subtle but strong was the presence of the shadow of the Ego and how much it was hurting me and those around me.

There are people who when they realize that their life is not aligned with the Truth of Their Soul still choose to stay there and that makes me feel acceptance and compassion but also sadness sometimes especially when they are loved ones, but each has its own path and rhythm and it is important to learn to respect it, and others choose to break or change everything that is misaligned, no matter how painful it may be at the moment. And sometimes in order to be more aware of everything that is happening, there are people who take longer periods with them, disconnected more from the surrounding reality to see what is really 'Real' and what is an illusion of the mind, and this are the so-called Sabbatical periods. A new stage of my life began when I dedicated myself mostly to the Soul, from a top performer and record-man in the business I was developing I saw what was not aligned there and I reduced the speed of the engine, I interrupted the actions that took my energy unnecessarily and many of the interactions with people, spending more time alone with myself, I began to study more intensely than ever the phenomenon of spirituality both in theory and especially in practice. And at one point, seeing the radical transformations in my life through the Alignment to the Truth of the Soul and thus the Divine Truth, I felt it was time to sustain camps of life&spirituality ( in which those who come into them find their way to Love and thus to God....

And Ayahuasca had an extraordinary role for which I am eternally grateful ... she deeply accelerated everything that happened to me ... after that first experience, I came to the next one at the clinic and then I went for the first time 10 days to Peru in the Amazon jungle where it's like a "headquarters" where Ayahuasca is everywhere around ... since then there have been like I said over 20 therapies in which I healed, I cleaned both myself and those around as much as I could, I became aware, I transcended to finally reach the Essence ... We are All One with God, we are his manifestation on Earth in human experience, we are in a way all brothers and sisters through the Divine Love which is part of each of us, although in some of us it is more eclipsed and the higher the Vibration of Love within us, the more the feeling of separation disappears ... you are not only my brother or sister but you are a part of me, part of my soul and I treat you with the Honor, Respect and Appreciation that I grant to myself, so that through the three of them and beyond them to Love you as I love myself ... this is what our brother Jesus tried to transmit to us ("Love thy neighbor as thyself "(Matthew 22:39), but this cannot be conceptually understood by the mind, it can only be lived through the heart ...

Such a Love makes me spend hours in a row on a beautiful sunny day writing an article that most will not read and others will not do it to the end because they have no patience ... Patience and Perseverance, what other rare and Crucial virtues on the way to Healing and Purification ... and yet with Love and tears of joy I write these lines ... I write them for Razvan ... I write them for you ... I write them because I know it is still a "Razvan" who seeks his way "home", the way to Full Healing, the way to God ... Will this be your Way? I don't know ... only your soul knows ... if you resonated with this pages you read or will continue to read, if you felt something, then you know the answer ...

Because I talked more about the spiritual part of the experience with Ayahuasca, I would not like to end the article without talking about the physical or medical one. I had two major ailments that Ayahuasca helped me heal to a great extent. One was related to breathing, since adolescence I had respiratory diseases, I even had two nose surgeries after which I had improvements but no complete healing, I often woke up at night breathing hard and I felt tired from lacking sufficient oxygen intake.

Ayahuasca works so deeply that it often looks at you like in a movie and why there was an imbalance in the body ... so I connected with a moment as a child when I was close to drown in the Danube and I remembered so clearly that feeling of not being able to breathe, then a strong hit in the nose in childhood, then for various reasons that did not make sense in this discussion I began to hold my breath for a while for a long time and thus the mystery was elucidated. But not only do you elucidate it, but something begins to happen inside your nose, sinuses, airway and you are aware that you are beginning to be healed. Even as I write these lines, in this sacred place of the jungle I rejoice in the gratitude of the air I can draw strong and healthy on my nose.

The second physical condition was the knee trauma I had following a ski accident a few years ago. After the accident I returned to Romania where I went to one of the best orthopedic doctors in the country who treats a large part of Romanian athletes, who told me that my tendon is severely damaged but that fortunately I will heal completely after a surgery or with certain treatments and wearing an orthosis, but in a proportion of 80-90%, so that I will always feel it affecting me, especially when I do sports. I did not choose the surgery, I followed that treatment together with wearing the orthosis for a few weeks, and later the knee started to recover, but in a proportion of 90% as the Doctor said. Many times when I did sports or sudden movements, sometimes even at night in my sleep, I felt intense pain in my knees in certain positions. I felt that the tendon was twisted from its normal position and obviously there was no medicine to move it back mechanically. But even before Ayahuasca I had the Faith that something good would happen and that I would find a solution. But it was somewhere in the etheric ... so here I am one evening experiencing the Peruvian jungle two years ago during such a therapy when the spirit of the plant begins to show me as in the experience of breathing "the movie" with the accident at my knee and why I fell ... that's how I saw me and my friends skiing in Slovakia, at one point they went high speed ahead, and I, although I generally like to ski slowly, float in the snow and to enjoy the scenery, the subtlety of the Ego was activated to show me that I can go at the same speed as them, so I forced on a steep slope and fell at high speed, rolling tens of meters and thus causing the injury to my right foot. For this reason I have been insistently mentioning Awareness and Transcendence before Healing, Everything in the Universe works on some unwritten Laws that when we are Aligned with them we live a blessed life, and when we are not Aligned with them we receive smoother or harder lessons until we "catch" it. Personally, I chose to "catch" it faster, so that evening I realized more than ever with the help of the plant that I have nothing to prove to myself, to others, to skiing and in any other field of life, that it is just a subtle manifestation of the Ego and that it is important that everything I do I do it because it comes from within me, as I feel Frank Sinatra said in "My Way" ...

And with the "learned" lesson, a miracle really happened. I could tell the plant or my higher consciousness ran a "movie" on me again, this time showing me how to move my tendon back. So there were tens of minutes of guidance with all kinds of guided exercises, a kind of stretching holding the leg in all sorts of unusual, sometimes painful positions in which I almost felt something breaking ... but I was constantly told to trust and move on, and after these tens of minutes of exercise, the "movie" showed me the end and said "You're ready, you're healed" and then all that pain was suddenly released. I thought I was healed but I was curious if I would still feel pain in the morning ... obviously I woke up in Gratitude feeling my knee free after so long. Today, more than two years later, I put my hand on my knees with Ayahuasca Gratitude for this healing.

Physically, these would be important personal experiences to mention, spiritual ones would be enormous, but I would like to insist that in these years I have witnessed the healing of really hundreds of people with all kinds of ailments, I have met people with advanced cancer, disabilities of all kinds, my goddaughter's mother still suffers from multiple sclerosis and two years after the therapy with Ayahuasca she is in good condition and is under control ... there is no point in talking about cured spiritual traumas. I really saw miracles ... strong and extremely influential people who came after a few suicide attempts, who left with tears in their eyes of happiness and finally finding the meaning of life ... right at the moment writing these lines I had a remarkable experience with a friend dear to me who has been in a wheelchair for years, unable to move her legs at all, and after the first two therapies in the jungle she began to move her leg for the first time after so many years ... how glad I would be for you to see through my eyes the tears in her grateful eyes. Such people who have Courage and Determination always inspire me ... how much we can achieve and how many blessings await us when we choose to live life in Love and Courage, in Determination and Action, not in fear ...

Ayahuasca is a blessing to which not many have access and especially in the right environment and it is certainly not for everyone, but for those who come to truly know her and to 'surrender' to the Faith in her and in our Creator through her, she is an extraordinary 'doctor' of the mind, body and soul and a powerful accelerator of the expansion of consciousness ... her touch remains a permanent part of you ...

I will end this article with a story that I felt I had to share since last year when it took place, but it didn't seem to be its moment yet. As shocking as it may seem, I would like it to be a wake-up call for all of us. I choose to believe that this story can be the beginning of a Change that Romania and the whole World needs, a story in which in a way everyone can recognize their Inner Darkness. Not necessarily with struggle and fight, but with Humility, Compassion and Forgiveness.

This story also starts with a personal experience and sharing it is nothing but my own filter of perception and feeling ... Having all these deep feelings through the experience with Ayahuasca, I started to obviously want to help everyone around me with this therapy ... so I recommended it to my sister, mother, dearest friends or even to new people in my life who felt my openness to spirituality and knowing about Ayahuasca, they asked me where they could do it. From all these souls, unmistakably at the end of the therapy I received a phone call or a message of Thanksgiving, sometimes in tears, because I recommended the therapy to them and the place to do it. It has never been a financial interest or any other intention than to help people find their healing and answers.

Last year, instead, this shocking story appeared with the famous Ayahuasca file, covered in all the televisions and press in Romania and from which anyone who wants to be charged with negative energy and lies to a large extent, can find them in full on Google. Personally, I was in a ski holiday in Austria when in December 2019 at the Youness Clinic a new such therapy was taking place, this time I had some very dear friends present, some had come especially from other countries like Italy, Cyprus, Israel, there were people in the room again with serious physical ailments such as my friend in a wheelchair ... I woke up in the morning with phones and pictures sent by these friends with broken doors and woke up from sleep agressively by the special forces and then taken away with vans at the hospital for blood tests after hours of interrogation as if they were part of an organized crime network ... some smiled at what was happening, but others were scared, crying, did not even understand the Romanian language ... it was the first time I felt at that level of intensity shame and sadness for what Romania has become. I have instead learned to transcend these states with Compassion and Forgiveness for those who coordinate such actions ... somehow in the darkness and conscious or unconscious suffering they are in, they have perhaps the greatest need for Love ... just like our brother Jesus prayed for the souls of those who tortured and killed him ...

For my friends it was a partially traumatic experience ... the shock of waking up with the door broken by police forces even though it was open to some and being forced to keep your hands up or immobilized remains a bitter taste for any soul. So through this article as much as I can, I apologize to them on behalf of Romania and those who started this abusive case and it would be normal for them to apologize or at least regret and pray for the souls of those present there. With tears of pain I apologize to them ...

Their experience ended quickly, on the same day they were taken to the analyzes that came out obviously clean without anything incriminating, but some analyzes that normally come out in a few days, especially with such a publicized file, they lasted over 30 days so that my friends accused in this case Dr. Vanessa Youness, Gelu Oltean to be abusively imprisoned in a case without evidence for 30 days which subsequently extended to 93 days in a huge pressure and with a dirty game that had nothing to do with Ayahuasca ...

When I returned to the country, I was called urgently the next day to the The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism headquarters in Brasov, although I had not even been there at the time of the descent and although I asked the representative of the prosecutor to go there in a day or two so that I could come with a lawyer, I was intimidated on the phone making it clear to me that either I will come the next day voluntarily, or I will come by force. Somehow I was aware of the decline in which gouvernment worldwide came through the darkness of too many years of many of those who are in positions of influence ... I also have friends who have reached great positions of influence, to ministers or various positions, some of them clean and well-trained people, with good intentions, who told me how overwhelmed they are by this decline that the system of government has reached, most of them gave up these functions due to the huge pressure ... I was aware but I had never experienced it so intense on my skin or on people close to me ... I stayed calm on the phone and I obviously showed up the next day at DIICOT without a lawyer, in the end I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. But only that feeling of being called to DIICOT under threat because you recommended a tea from a bark for healing your loved ones can make you wonder what world we live in ... I had a discussion there with the prosecutor who instrument the case and I tried to share this experiences with Ayahuasca both personal and to those close to me and how many physical and spiritual 'wonders' I saw in people through this therapy but it was easy to notice that his openness in understanding something of my sharing was minimal and the whole file in a way had nothing to do with this therapy.

I felt even more of a huge ABUSE when I left because I knew that my sister Dr. Vanessa Youness, (Doctor who officially investigated Ayahuasca in the highest possible medical way and patient with a difficult diagnosis to carry for anyone on her feet) and my brother General Gelu Oltean will still remain in prison, and I was totally perplexed by this scenario.

I would have liked to speak publicly and openly about this, we are fortunately in a technological era in which through online media any information can quickly reach all of Romania, especially an abuse in a file so publicized, but I left things in the shadows for a while so as not to create more harm to my loved ones.

For Dr. Vanessa Youness, Gelu Oltean and Thomas Lishman, the shaman who coordinated the ceremony that weekend, the story went on and I was affected to see them go through 93 days in prison, 93 days of abusive deprivation of liberty in a file without evidence, without legal basis and with political coordination with other intentions, but which is not my role to talk about here today. Time will tell.

In fact, all 3 were forcibly involved and arrested in the case in order to be considered a criminal group, as at least 3 people are needed.

About General Gelu Oltean, I will not say too much except that in the few years since I met him, I have all the respect and appreciation for him and for the last years of his life that I had the joy to attend, from my perspective he should be considered a source of pride for all those working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

I did not have any detailed discussion with Gelu until his arrest about his career, nor did I have any 'spicy' information to give to the prosecutor. People came to the clinic to heal their bodies and souls, often in silence, not to share state secrets and political games. Those who walked through the gates of the clinic sought more Light, not more darkness in their lives. A short search on Google anyone can see that General Gelu Oltean had been the head of one of the Romanian secret services and it was obvious that a man with such functions has information about everyone, but although we had private conversations some evenings where after a therapies we were gathering around a fire and few friends were sharing their feelings and baggage of the soul that each had escaped, I respected Gelu because he never brought incriminating things to anyone. But most of all I appreciate and respect him for the hard work I have witnessed him do many times to free himself from the darkness in which he lived through his career. I respect him because he had the strength to break away from there and take the path to the Light with difficulty, suffering and humbleness.

I lean towards him for this and that is why I say that it should be the pride of everyone who works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And for those who work worldwide in positions of influence, I pray for all of you, again with tears in my eyes and in my knees if I could, to find your Inner Light, Alignment to Justice and Truth and to fearlessly put your personal influence to contribute to the Change we need ... no matter how influential your position is, it all starts with You, as with me ... and from the entire system of governments worldwide, in the name of 7 billion people, on behalf of the thousands of people who died for us to be Free, on behalf of the thousands of enlightened people who died tortured many times to defend the Truth, on behalf of all the leaders of the world and the millions of souls who y sacrificed their lives over the centuries because they believed that we and our children deserved to live a life in Absolute Freedom according to the Divine Laws, in the name of all of them please, I beg you, to stop hurting each other so much ... I beg you to Awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness ... all the evil we do to 'others' we actually do to ourselves , what goes around comes around tenfold, there is this Universal Law of karma that no one escapes, you really get back what you give ... I pray with all my heart to stop all of the lies, thefts and abuses that we project upon each other for so long ...

And related to Vanessa's soul and her experience in choosing to give something to this country and this world and how her gift was received, I am with tears in my eyes and almost speechless ... I will not discuss the subjectivity and the impact she had and has it in my life, but whatever I say would be full of tears of gratitude ... I can only apologize for everything she has been subjected to living for her Purity, for the real sacrifice of personal life to help her brothers and sisters in their healing ... I apologize maybe in the name of those who should do it, if there were at least a touch of conscience and light in their hearts for the evil they have done ... I apologize for having to be deprived of her freedom for 93 days in a case full of nullities and given that the only evidence in the case - the bottle of Ayahuasca found in the clinic and taken for testing disappeared from the mysterious case, I apologize for the pressure she was subjected to being put on intimidation in a room without a toilet with bottles full of urine, I apologize for bringing a woman into the room to intimidate her even on the day she stabbed her husband several times to kill him, I apologize for chosen to build the Clinic and carry out its medical research mission of the effects of Ayahuasca in a country where not only she not appreciated and supported by the government for an action so important for all mankind that could be a solution for physical, mental and spiritual healing of the whole humanity, but that she is really forced to go through such a politically governed abuse, I apologize that she had to witness the "flight" of most people who were at the clinic and were healed in the Clinic, some of them also making false statements at DIICOT ruled by fear, I apologize to her soul ... at the same time I share with you all that I always marvel at the Greatness of her soul, the Acceptance of Depletion she has that everything happens with a Divine purpose, of her inner beauty and the dedication she has for people, animals and everything that is alive, of the Intengrity with which she fights to officially legalize this Divine therapy towards liberation and healing of all humanity, of her Integrity in protecting the Truth no matter what pressures she is subjected to, of her inner Light through which the woman who was brought to her cell after her husband's attempted murder now reads the Bible and reconciles with her husband through her influence, of the energy which he gives by going back to prison constantly to see this woman again and to give her more Love and Hope, and maybe especially I marvel at the strength with which she prays and forgives all those who have done so much bad, being aware of each of them what role they played ... how wonderful it is to be able to follow the life and existence of such a noble soul ...

And for those who have investigated this file or anyone who reads this article I have a question: If we ourselves or someone we love wholeheartedly would be in the final stage of an illness, trauma or addiction of any kind and there would not be any medical solution like in the case of millions of people, if the only chance to save us or our loved one was the therapy with Ayahuasca, what man, what government, what system of laws based on human rights would have any right in front of God, the creator of all that is and implicitly of this plant, to forbid you to save your soul or your loved one? ...

I will end these lines with a form of Prayer for all of us ... as I told you the story is not to grieve us, as shocking as it is, but for us all to wake up, to be aware of the lessons we have to take both from it and from the daily life of our generation and thus to be able to change what is happening in the whole humanity ... so I pray that Ayahuasca and any other forms of alternative therapies will not be banned through the influence of the pharma industry nowhere in the world but people to know about them and to have access to them, I pray that every man has the legal right to healing because Divinely he already has it, I pray that all this file comes to light and closes soon, and the Ministryes of Health worwide would make an effort to understand and support this amazing research project that could change the history of humanity.

I pray that Vanessa and her soul will have a different path from here on with more appreciation for the way she chooses to dedicate her life to everyone.

I pray that Romanians and people in general will want to walk on the path of Full Purification and alignment with the Vibration of Love.

I pray for the Change we all want in Romania and around the world, I pray that we and the next generations will live in a world governed by Love, Respect, Peace, Harmony, Abundance in all forms, of Connection with the Divinity, I pray with all my heart for Your Soul as part of mine will receive in the following years everything it needs for its Healing and Evolution ...

I pray that we all reach the Consciousness of One, of Full Oneness and Unity, of the Interconnection between us and through this of Infinite Love!

With tears of Love,

Yours Razvan.

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