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Meditating in Nature

Your Way Home

in the right environment and with the right guidance
Upcoming Events

Location for the physical event
Conacul Archia, Deva

Upcoming Events

Life and Spiritual Camp
14th - 17th December




  •  Access to the 6 meditations of the program

  • Access to the Q&A sessions where you can also ask specific questions

  • Access to a community of like-minded people with whom you can create beautiful friendships

  • Workbook

  • A recommended diet before, during and after the CampAccess to a Facebook and WhatsApp Community            ​​​​


4 days access at what’s included at location:


  1. lunch and dinner. The resort serves ovo-Lacto vegetarian meals that are made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

  2. Complimentary coffee, natural teas and water


  1. Playlists with all the music from the Camp so you can continue your meditation journey after the camp

  2. Recommendations for books, documentaries and movies to support you in your evolution process

  3. Continuous updates and materials to support your Life and Spiritual evolution

  4. Access to private events and programs recommended by Razvan that can support you in your life and spiritual journey

  5. Access to private trips and spiritual trips organized by Razvan and his community

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All the Benefits of Live Package



A private 1:30 min session with Razvan after the Camp for even deeper diving in your life & spirituality and for complete Integration


About Razvan 

Razvan is the creator and guide of Life and Spiritual Camp. He is a leadership visionary, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a life & spiritual mentor. As a student of continuous personal and spiritual growth since he was around 20 years old, his main passion is to work with people, supporting and guiding them in their life journey, which he has been doing for more than 10 years. His philosophy of growth is the union of the two worlds: the western world with all the techniques of personal development and the eastern world with all the techniques of connecting with the soul, healing, transcending and so aiming towards reaching the essence of who we are, Divine Beings in a human expression. His mission is to support as many souls as he can in their awakening process and reach the state of consciousness of Love and beyond. For him Life and Spiritual Camp is trully a Temple Of Love where every soul, no matter at what level of evolution he is, can get what he needs in this stage of his existance.



Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Ramona Dima

PHONE NUMBER: +40729569053


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